Jack Russell Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

If you are thinking of getting a Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog mix, you have come to the right place! This unique breed is known for its high energy, loyalty, and intelligence. It is also known to be an excellent family pet. You can check out Australian Cattle Dog breed clubs online to learn more about this breed. You can also find information on Jack Russells and Australian Cattle Dogs at the American Kennel Club.

The Cattle Jack is an Australian Cattle Dog mix and Jack Russell Terrier mix. These two breeds are known for their endless energy, so they must have a lot of exercises to stay healthy. They were originally bred for hunting and are very good at tracking cunning foxes and burrowing rabbit holes. However, they have also been used for herding cattle and are closely related to Border Collies.

While Jack Russell and Blue Heeler share many similarities, the health problems they may have are quite different.

The Blue Heeler is more likely to have health issues than the Jack Russell, including progressive retinal atrophy, primary lens luxation, and some heart problems. However, these dogs are known to be friendly and adapt well to apartment living. However, you should consider their energy level and exercise levels before choosing a Jack Russell.

The coat of the Jack Russell and Australian Cattle Dog mix differs slightly. The Jack Russell has a double coat and it has a rough texture. The Cattle Jack is a well-built breed and weighs between 35 and 50 pounds as an adult. They are known to be brown and have pointy faces. The Cattle Jack’s coat is fluffy and has a hard outer coat that is very soft under.