Large Rat Terrier

Large Rat Terrier

Large Rat Terrier For Sale – Important Rat Terrier Information

If you have been considering getting a large rat terrier, you should know some important information about this breed before you buy one. Rats are friendly and can get along with other pets. These dogs are not aggressive and are generally not aggressive toward children. They can be very good with other household pets, but they do not like other aggressive pets. For these reasons, you should be careful before buying one. Keep reading to find out more about this breed!

Rat Terriers should be fed twice daily. You should also regularly check the rat for signs of infection, such as redness of the skin, swelling in the mouth, or inflammation in the feet. You can do this weekly to detect problems early on. It’s also a good idea to supervise your rat around children if you don’t have any before you buy one. Rats are very tolerant of children.

These small rats should not exceed 16 inches tall. However, a large rat terrier should be between 22 to 40 pounds, depending on its size and breed. UKC does not set a standard for height or weight, but a Rat Terrier should be between thirteen and sixteen inches tall. A larger rat terrier breed, known as a Decker Rat Terrier, should weigh around 22-40 pounds. Females should be about sixteen to 17 inches tall.

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  1. My dear rat terrier was 13 yo when he died 2 yrs ago. I have been trying to find another in Colorado that needs adoption. Where would you suggest I continue to look?


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