Jack Russell Terrier And Yorkie Mix

Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkie Mix For Sale

A Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkie mix is an unusual cross between the two breeds. While both breeds have unique characteristics, they are generally very similar in size. The two breeds have a high prey drive and boundless energy. Their personalities make them great companions, but they will keep you on your toes all day. They require at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise each day, but the rewards are great!

A Yorkie Russell has a medium to long coat. Its fur is scruffy and often has a matted appearance. They stand between 20cm and 30cm in height and weigh between three and eight kilograms when fully grown. This breed is very good with children and is not likely to be aggressive towards other pets. It is an excellent family pet, but it should be carefully monitored around toddlers and small children.

A Yorkie Russell is a small, light breed that has a spherical head and a short, stocky body.

It weighs between eight and fifteen pounds. Its coat can be short or long and varies in color. Its snout is usually black with a short ear, but its face is more rounded than a typical Yorkie.

A Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkie mix puppy costs between 400 and $1,200 USD. This price range is higher than a purebred puppy, but if you are considering it as a family pet, this cross could be perfect for you. As with any cross, always be sure to check the parents of the puppy. They are important for the health of the puppy and should be checked before the purchase.