Border Terrier Good With Kids

Is a Border Terrier Good With Kids?

Are border terriers good with kids? The short answer is yes! But there are some things you need to keep in mind before you decide to buy one. First, you need to know how much they like kids. If your children are under the age of four, a border terrier is probably not the best choice. They will be extremely protective of their toys and food. If they are left unsupervised for hours, they can become a disaster.

Border Terriers are small dogs, but they pack a big personalities.

They are obedient, friendly, and lovable, but they do have their minds. They are great with children as long as you can train them not to trample on them. They can be aggressive when needed, so keep in mind this before buying one. They don’t like loud noises, so don’t bring children with you if you don’t want them to hurt themselves.

Children love Border Terriers, and they can match a child’s energy level throughout the day. However, they can be a bit rambunctious around children under six years old, so always supervise your child when they’re with you. If you’re looking for a family dog that is easy to handle, a Border Terrier is an excellent choice. If you’re considering getting one, you should check out some of the following tips:

Intelligent and Easy to Train

Whether or not you’re looking for a great dog with kids depends on the breed. Despite their small size, Border Terriers are large-boned dogs with large heads and brawny hindquarters. They are also intelligent and trainable, and their small size makes them the ideal companion for young children. However, they are also prone to digging and chasing small animals. This is a common trait of border terriers.

Border Terriers don’t need frequent baths, because their rough coat repels dirt and moisture. However, they do need occasional brushing. For their nails, you should trim them as necessary. Keeping their nails short is important for health reasons, as they tend to be prone to infections. They’re also great with children, and most are good with other pets when introduced to them at a young age. They’re very good with kids and should make good pets for your family.

Though Border terriers have a large amount of energy, they are also small enough to cuddle on the sofa. Lorraine Kelly, a popular TV host, invited 100 people and their dogs to the ITV studios in London, to try and set a Guinness World Record for the most dogs sitting down at one time for thirty seconds. The dogs didn’t like the experience, but she made the Guinness World Record in the process!

Good with other dogs

Border terriers are not bad with kids, but they can be a handful with children. While they’re generally good with other dogs, they can be playful and affectionate around children. Although they don’t like children younger than six, they do get along with other pets and dogs when introduced during puppyhood. It’s important to remember that border terriers are not good with young children, so if you plan to bring one home, make sure you have a child-friendly home.


Border terriers are easy to train. They’re above-average learners and will learn new tricks easily. These dogs don’t shed their coat, but their thick double coat may require stripping twice a year. In addition to that, they love to chew on anything they can get their teeth on. So, make sure you train them early on! A border terrier should be trained not to jump on people or play rough. Early socialization will help them get along with kids and adults.


As for size and temperament, Border terriers are an excellent choice for families. They’re a low-maintenance breed and don’t need frequent baths. The wry mouth and wire coat make them very attractive. The heads of males have a unique shape, but females’ are rounder and grizzled, while males are a little shorter and weigh 11 to 14 pounds. They’re an excellent choice for children and can even make good pets.