border terrier fun facts

Border Terrier Fun Facts

Border Terrier Fun Facts

If you’ve ever wondered about the Border terrier, you’ve come to the right place. This breed has many interesting facts and is extremely popular in the USA and UK. Here’s a look at some of these facts:

Originally, the Border Terrier was used to hunt foxes, badgers, and other animals. Its sturdy coat made it useful as a fox dog. During this time, border farmers, shepherds, and sportsmen used these dogs for their work. Today, they are often used for the same purposes. But in the past, they were used for other purposes, like chasing rabbits, hunting rats, and guarding livestock.

The Border Terrier was bred in the Cheviot Hills near the border of England and Scotland.

Initially, they were primarily used as a fox hunter, but they were also used to hunt badgers and other vermin. As a result, their hunting abilities were beneficial. Despite their popularity, the breed did not receive widespread recognition outside its native lands. It was much more likely to survive under the radar because it bred less often and had fewer accidents due to improper breeding conditions.

Types of Diseases

Like other dogs, the Border Terrier is susceptible to some types of diseases and conditions. One of the most common conditions affecting Border Terriers is colitis, which affects the digestive tract. Although it affects almost every dog breed, Border Terriers are more susceptible to it than many other breeds. Lastly, there’s the Shaking Puppy Syndrome, which causes tremors in puppies and is caused by an inherited defect. Fortunately, treatment for this condition is available.


Border Terriers are medium-sized dogs with short, stubby legs and an otter-like head. Their coat is made of two layers: a short and dense undercoat and a thicker, longer coat. Border Terriers are known for their love of the outdoors, and they love to poke their noses into holes. There are several different colors of Border Terriers, including grizzle, tan, and wheaten.

Before the name “Border Terrier” was adopted by the British, the breed was called Coquetdale, Redwater, and Coquetdale. This small dog breed was used by Northumberland fox hunters to hunt foxes. As a result, they were an ideal choice for hunting badgers and foxes. In the 19th century, fox hunting became a popular sport.

A highly intelligent and active breed

The Border Terrier is a highly intelligent and active breed. While they are not recommended for families with small children, they get along with young children. Their high energy level and likable temperament make them ideal companions for active families. In addition to their love of humans, they are great with other pets. Despite their stubby coat, they are a sturdy and affectionate breed. And, of course, a Border Terrier’s high prey drive makes them the perfect companion for an active lifestyle.

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