Westminster Terrier Group

The Westminster Terrier Group Has Been a Mainstay For Generations

The Westminster dog show has long been home to the same breed of terriers, and the Westminster terrier group has been a mainstay for generations. Its record of producing Best in Show winners is matched by a few sports dynasties, and the terriers dominated the competition for decades before losing ground to other breeds. In today’s show, MM may become the first Lakeland terrier to win Best in Show.

As one of the two judges for the Terrier Group, Peter J. Green has a unique background. He has won Best in Show at both Westminster and Crufts, the giant dog show in Britain. He has handled five number-one all-breed dogs and has served as a judge for the FCI World Show in Sweden. He is also a Westminster judge. His next assignment will be the Best in Show competition.

The Westminster terrier group often marks the beginning of a national campaign for a dog. Many dogs make their Westminster debuts as part of their coming-out party. A recent example of a dog’s first major win at Westminster was CH J’cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, who won three Terrier Groups and a BIS. The breeders of Vigilante Justice were William Dalling and Stacy Turner, and the dog was handled by Amy Booth.

A century ago, George Thomas was searching for good dogs.

The New York Times called him one of the “greatest all-around dog experts in America” and imported hundreds of English wire fox terriers to the U.S. In the early 1900s, the terriers became popular in the U.K. Several breeds emerged, each with a different prey preference. In addition, the British media deemed Thomas an “American Ambassador” and began importing terriers from England.

Pumps, which are among the most popular breeds of terriers, have also been a mainstay of Westminster. The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1978, and the American Hairless Terrier followed in 2015. In the last two decades, most breeds of terriers have been fairly evenly distributed. The American Hairless Terrier, German shepherd herder, and Yorkshire terrier are all in the top three, except the Miniature Schnitzer and Australian Hairless Terrier.

Some terriers were crossed with short-legged breeds, which were believed to better adapt to hunting underground prey.

The result was the creation of the low-stationed, rectangular type, which became known as Jacks. The working terrier group continued to support both types and allowed for generous height allowances (between 10 and 15 inches).

Westminster is an annual dog show held in New York City. The top dogs from each group compete for Best in Show. Best in Show is a coveted award, and each group has a champion from each group. If the terrier wins its group, it will go on to compete for Best in Show, a title that is coveted by many. There are also other awards for Best in Show, but the Westminster dog show is not the only one worth watching.