West Highland Terrier Indianapolis

West Highland Terrier Information

If you want a new dog but aren’t sure what to get, you might want to consider a West Highland white terrier. This breed is known for its fluffy white coat, compact body, and spunky personality. Westies originated in rocky Scotland, where they were bred for hunting vermin. That determination still comes through in their personality and behavior. The breed makes for a great pet for a family.

Adopting a Westie from an Indianapolis animal shelter can benefit you in several ways. Unlike pet stores and breeders, these pets have already undergone vaccinations and undergone a vet checkup. They may be neutered or spayed, and you can feel good about saving another animal at the same time! You can even adopt a dog from an Indianapolis animal shelter and be a hero for helping an animal in need.

If you are planning on showing your Westie, you should know that professional grooming is required for this breed. Groomers use scissors to remove loose undercoats and clip hair on the back and shoulders. They then blend this fur with the skirt-like fur on the legs and stomach. They may trim the hair on the tail and anus for neatness. If you are looking to show your Westie, this is an excellent option for you.

You should also know that Westies are prone to tearing apart the walls of your house. They have a high prey drive, so you should make sure to keep small pets and children out of their reach. If you want a pet that can be your best friend, consider a West Highland terrier. You won’t regret it! This breed of dog is a great choice for many reasons.