Terrier Rescue Los Angeles

Adopting a Terrier From a Terrier Rescue

If you’re considering adopting a terrier from a Los Angeles terrier rescue, there are some things to know. Here’s some information on how to get started. First, make sure the dog you’re interested in is available. You’ll also need to fill out a form. Once you’ve completed this, a rep will contact you. They will arrange a home visit with you in order to get a better idea of the home environment for the dog.

The cost of adoption will vary. You can expect to pay between $200 and $500, depending on the dog you want to adopt. The fees vary depending on the age of the dog, but most puppies cost around $450. Prices for adults and senior dogs vary between $250 and $450, and you’ll need to complete an application form. However, the process will be a positive one. The resulting dog is well worth the price.