• Biewer Terrier Hypoallergenic

    Biewer Terrier Hypoallergenic

    How to Adopt a Biewer Terrier Biewer Terrier Hypoallergenic – The Biewer Terrier is considered a hypoallergenic breed of dog. The Biewer is a member of the Yorkshire terrier family. Biewers are known for their large ears and full tails. Their unique coloring makes them excellent for allergy sufferers. A Biewer terrier’s tail is more pronounced than a Yorkie’s. The Biewer Terrier is one of the least allergenic breeds of dogs. The breed has a low shedding rate and is generally well-behaved. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect travel companion. It is a great companion for families with children, singles, and couples. And the Biewer terrier is very…