West Highland Terrier Adoption

West Highland Terrier Adoption

West Highland Terrier For Sale Information

When you decide to adopt a West Highland Terrier, you should take into consideration its personality and physical attributes. These dogs are incredibly friendly and have a lively, bouncy nature. They are tolerant of most types of animals, including cats and small rodents. They are very intelligent and will thrive in a family with other dogs. You should also consider whether the breed is good with children. This breed will adapt to different types of household environments and does well with multiple pets.

If you plan to adopt a Westie, make sure to consider the breed’s temperament and size. They can be aggressive and territorial, particularly to other dogs and smaller animals. This can make them difficult to train and can lead to unwanted behavior problems. Regardless of the type of training your new dog will need, you can expect to pay between $100 to $200 for your new best friend. You should also keep in mind that you should expect your new pet to be a little slobbery and clumsy at first, but that will change as it gets older.

The West Highland White Terrier has a reputation for being good with other animals. Although a male Westie will generally dislike cats, the female Westie will be okay around them if raised with them. Since these dogs have a high prey drive, you should not trust them with small animals. While they are known for being good with dogs, they are not trustworthy around small pets. They are bred to hunt small varmints, and if a pet mouse is left unattended, they are likely to kill the mice.

A West Highland Terrier is an incredibly loyal and affectionate dog.

They are a loyal companion and develop strong bonds with their owners. They make excellent family pets and are a great choice for a family or a couple of adults. They can be the perfect pet for someone who wants a pet with unique traits. You should consider West Highland Terrier adoption to learn more about the breed’s personality and how to care for them.

While you should consider the temperament of a West Highland Terrier, be aware that the breed can be temperamental with other dogs. It will do well with other dogs, but you should never let it live with other animals. If you are adopting a Westie, be sure to carefully evaluate its personality. If you are a dog lover, you will find this breed to be a great companion. These friendly dogs are great for children and families.

If you decide to adopt a Westie, you should do so right away. The breed has a long history of fighting with rodents and other animals. Its double coat is very hard to groom and requires daily brushing and weekly nail trim. Some breeders even have a show dog that requires a more extensive grooming routine. Your Westie will have a beautiful, round coat and require a professional groomer to maintain its beauty.

The Westie is an extremely sociable and intelligent little dog.

It is good with children and can live in apartments as long as they get plenty of exercises. While the breed may not be suitable for a family with children, it can be fine with other pets. They are great ratters and can live in a small apartment with enough exercise. If you have sufficient space for them, a Westie can live happily in a small home or apartment.

While the Westie is a very friendly and loving dog, it must be supervised around children. The breed club recommends that children be at least 7 years old for their dogs. This breed is usually good with children, but it needs to be kept under close supervision. A child with young kids should not be left alone with a Westie. It is best to keep a distance of at least six feet between the dog and the child.

When adopting a Westie, you should consider the type of home you want. Unlike other breeds, a Westie isn’t afraid of the house or strangers, but it will bite if it thinks a newcomer is a threat. If you’re a dog lover, a Western Highland Terrier isn’t for you. If you don’t have a yard, a Westie is not the right breed for you.


  1. I am interested in adoptin g an adult female westie purebred…IUf she has had pups that is okay… Would prefer a femnale that can’t have anymore pups… Thank you P

  2. I am interested in adopting a Westie for a companion. I recently lost my Husky of cancer. I am retired and live by myself, have fenced in back yard. Would love to find out more about adopting an older one.
    Kindly get back to me ASAP

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