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If you’re considering getting a Bull Terrier for your home, there are some important things to consider. Bull Terriers need to be properly fed and exercised. Some breeders recommend feeding two times a day, while others advocate only one meal a day. Regardless of the breed, Bull Terriers need attention and exercise to stay healthy. This article will provide you with the basics. This dog breed is very touchy and requires frequent attention.

A Bull Terrier is a large, bold dog that’s very sociable and affectionate. They love to interact with other family members, especially children. They require lots of exercise and vigorous playtime, so it isn’t a dog for the solitary individual. If left alone for long periods, Bull Terriers can get aggressive and become fearful, so make sure to keep them busy.

Bull Terriers have long, erect ears. They were once cropped, but breeders have cultivated a more erect form of the ears. The breed is also stocky and muscular and has the characteristic clown face and egghead of a Bull Terrier. Its small eyes and powerful jaws make it a great dog for a family. Some Bull Terriers may end up in shelters or rescues.

If you’re considering a Bull Terrier for your home, make sure you get a supervised dog walker or a playpen.

These dogs are active and rough play dogs and will love to play with your older children. However, if you have small children or pets, Bull Terriers shouldn’t be left unsupervised around children, as they can get overly aggressive. They can also be highly destructive if bored.

Many safe houses will take Bull terrier puppies from shelters and provide them with a loving home. Bull terrier puppies are known for having special qualities and will be happier and healthier in a home. Because they are usually less likely to be euthanized, this type of home is a great option for them. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the Bull terrier.

Eye problems in the Bull Terrier can be a serious problem. Without proper eye care, your dog could suffer from blindness or deteriorate its quality of life. Some Bull Terriers have inherited certain eye conditions. If not diagnosed and treated, some of these conditions can cause permanent vision loss. Your vet will perform a comprehensive exam of your Bull Terrier’s eyes at every visit. If they are not symptomatic, you can try a topical treatment such as ointment.

Some Bull Terriers also suffer from kidney disease.

Renal dysplasia affects the kidneys of a Bull Terrier. A bull Terrier with this condition will skip several steps while walking or kick its leg out sideways. Some of these dogs will outgrow the condition, but others will suffer from it for many years. If it is severe, however, you may need to take your Bull Terrier to a veterinary clinic for a surgical procedure.

Despite their intelligence, Bull Terriers need exercise to stay healthy. Even if they live inside, they’ll need at least half an hour of exercise a day. Taking them for a brisk walk can help keep them fit, and playing fetch can keep your bullterrier mentally stimulated for hours at a time. A bull terrier needs an hour a day to be healthy, so it’s important to incorporate a daily walk into their routine.

As Bull Terriers have sensitive skin, they are prone to several allergies. Some of the most common causes of allergies include pollen, mold, and dust. Bull Terriers may suffer from atopy, which is the name for a common skin condition in dogs. Common symptoms of this condition include frequent ear infections, itchy skin, and excessive shedding. Some breeders even require atopy treatment.