Pug And Rat Terrier Mix

Pug and Rat Terrier Mix For Sale

A pug and a rat terrier mix, also known as a Puggat, is a hybrid dog, produced by crossing two purebred dogs. The Puggat is a lively, energetic creature, with the traits of both breeds. Its Rat Terrier side may be tempted to sniff around for prey, while its Pug side makes it mellow and playful.

A Pug and a Rat Terrier mixed breed have the intelligence of two separate breeds. This cross will have a large gene pool, making it less prone to develop major diseases. Nonetheless, the Rat Terrier may suffer from the same diseases as its pure-breed parents. This hybrid is not for everyone. Its appearance should be a consideration before bringing home this type of dog.

The Rat Terrier is an American breed that is derived from the English terrier.

This breed was later enhanced by the Whippet, Italian Greyhound, and Beagle. While it was initially used as a farm dog in the United States, it eventually became a beloved companion animal. Even President Teddy Roosevelt brought Rat Terriers to the White House. This breed has a life expectancy of about 12-14 years.

If you want a dog with a distinct personality, a Pug and a Rat Terrier mix may be the perfect fit. While both breeds are independent, they are companionable and social. They are easy to train and have a healthy curiosity about life. They are also very gentle and friendly. If you’re considering a Pug and Rat Terrier mix, be sure to read up on the characteristics of the two breeds to ensure you have the right dog for your lifestyle.