Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

If you love Boston Terriers, you may want to consider adopting one from an old dominion btr rescue. If you can’t care for your Boston, you may be able to foster one from an organization that can help you. Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue is located in Virginia, Northeastern North Carolina, Maryland, and Washington DC. The rescue was founded by a dedicated group of Boston enthusiasts. They rescue Bostons from shelters and other situations where their owners are unable to care for them.

Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves the areas of Northeastern NC, MD, DE, and DC. All dogs are considered for adoption if they need medical care, rehabilitation, or behavioral issues. Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue strives to provide the best possible care for its animals and educate the public about this wonderful breed. To learn more about adopting a Boston, visit their website!

The mission of Boston Terrier Rescue is to help injured, abused, and unwanted Boston Terriers find a loving and permanent home.

Their mission is to find adopters for Bostons with all kinds of needs and personalities. They screen prospective adopters to find the best homes for these dogs. In addition to assisting dogs, Boston Terrier Rescues also helps educate adopters on how to care for their pets and train them to behave.

Founded in 2008, ATBR has rescued hundreds of Bostons in the past few years. Today, they place many of them in loving homes. Founded by a group of dedicated volunteers, the organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The group primarily covers Texas but also serves Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. They also sell t-shirts and Moo-Moo toys.