New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue

Adopt a Rat Terrier From New Rattitude

If you’re looking for a dog to bring home to your family, consider adopting one from a rat terrier rescue organization. New Rattitude accepts donations from individuals and organizations. Donations are always tax-deductible. Your donation will go directly toward the care of rescued rats and their owners. They work hard to save as many rat terriers as possible and make every effort to reunite them with their forever homes.

The Rat Terrier is an American breed with a rich history as a farm dog. They share their ancestry with other tough little mixed breed dogs, often referred to as ‘feists’. For decades, several private organizations managed registries of Rat Terriers. More recently, however, efforts to gain official recognition from major canine organizations have commenced. Though the breed is considered a relatively rare breed, they are handsome and highly intelligent.

The newest addition to the camp is Doodlebug, an 11-pound Rattie mix.

She’s deaf and sleeps super soundly, but gets startled now and then. This rat terrier mix is crate and house-trained and gets along well with other Rattie mixes in her foster home. For her new home, Doodlebug will need a secure yard and a fenced yard.

The National Rat Terrier Rescue has members with experience and commitment in all aspects of dog care. Their leadership and mission are exceptional and are trusted to take Rat T’s to the next level of rescue success. This is reflected in the number of lives changed and the bright futures of these cherished animals. They are a great example of what a good rat terrier rescue does! Just imagine all the lives that will be saved and the joy they will bring to their new owners.