Labrador Retriever Terrier

Labrador Retriever Terrier Puppies

Labrador Retriever terrier puppies have a high risk of developing certain health problems. Several of these problems can be related to the parent breeds. For example, if you combine Labrador Retrievers with Yorkies, your puppy could develop hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and PRA. As your puppy ages, you may notice weight gain around the midsection.

A Labrador Retriever terrier cross’s coat color is brown, which comes from the Terrier side. Depending on the coat color, your pup could have a white, cream, or tan coat. The black nose and black nails are characteristic of the Labrador, as are its black nails. The Labrador is the main contributor to the mixed coat color. Other characteristics of the Labrador Retriever terrier cross include a low coat shedding rate, moderate grooming needs, and a short hair coat.

The Labrador retriever weighs between thirty to fifty pounds and stands twenty to twenty-six inches high. Its tail is medium-sized and droops low to the ground. Labrador terriers are smart and quick to learn. They are excellent guard dogs. While a Labrador retriever terrier mix does not have the intelligence and stamina of a purebred, they are surprisingly easy to train.

As a pet, a Labrador retriever is a wonderful companion. Oftentimes a playful dog, the Labrador is also a loyal companion. They love children and other dogs but can be protective if not trained. They shed a moderate amount, and require daily exercise to maintain their coat. They also love chewing on things. And while they are an excellent companion, they are also highly demanding.