Jack Terrier And Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell and Chihuahua Mix For Sale

There are many different names for the Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix, but there is no question that they are crossbreeds. This designer cross is the perfect breed for families and singles who seek human companionship. A Jack Chi is a small dog that craves human attention. Owners of the Jack Chi usually lead an active lifestyle, and this characteristic makes them a great fit for active lifestyles.

These hybrid dogs are highly intelligent and are well-suited to city and rural life. However, this breed is not suitable for homes with small children or cats, as they may be aggressive. While they tend to bond with one family member, they can also be protective of their person. So, be sure to plan your home accordingly. The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is a great choice for families with young children, but keep in mind that they may be aggressive if you have small children.

Jack Chi is small but has a big attitude. It is prone to “Napoleon Syndrome” – the tendency to become stubborn and overly protective – as a result of its parentage. It is very easy to train and can tolerate a range of climates. It may require extra protection during winter. A Jack Chi can live in most climates, although it is prone to colder weather.