Jack Russell Terrier Club Of America

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

If you are looking for a dog of the Jack Russell type, consider joining the Jack Russel Terrier Club of America. This organization promotes the breed and helps to maintain the official registry for the breed. It is dedicated to keeping the breed’s working heritage alive. Its members are trusted to sell puppies and other dogs, and the organization’s classifieds section offers a wide range of options to fit all budgets.

The Jack Russell terrier is an extremely affectionate little dog, with many members from all over the world. Founded in 1976, the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America is the largest Jack Russell association in the world. With thousands of members all over the world, this organization has a unique perspective on the breed. They strive to maintain the highest standards of breeding and ensure that the breed remains popular. While the Jack Russell is a popular dog breed, they can be difficult to train and need a lot of exercises. The Jack Russell is an excellent pet for families, and it is a perfect fit for families that want a companion for children and other animals.

There are two chapters of the club in the United States. The New England chapter has chapters in Boston and Rhode Island. Members are encouraged to join the club to participate in events like the Jack Russell Incredible Dog Challenge. There are also several regional groups that focus on specific regions of the country. The Southwest Jack Russell Terrier Network serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There is an online membership application form for this organization. The Northwest Jack Russell Terrier Club is another branch. It unites breeders and owners from the Northwest. The club has a newsletter for members, holds fun days, and hosts general meetings.