How to Train Your Jack Russell Terrier

Training Your Jack Russell Terrier to Do Tricks – A Comprehensive Guide

Are You the Proud Owner of a Jack Russell Terrier and Looking to Amaze Friends and Family with Their Tricks? Jack Russell Terriers are energetic yet intelligent dogs who thrive when given attention; by employing proper training methods you can teach your Jack Russell Terrier impressive tricks that will leave them all stunned!

Here, we cover everything you need to know when training a Jack Russell Terrier to perform tricks, from basic obedience training through more complex moves – so let’s jump right in! Let’s dive right in!

How to Teach Your Jack Russell Terrier Tricks

Training your Jack Russell Terrier to do tricks requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. For optimal results, it is wise to start off with basic obedience training prior to progressing to more advanced tricks. Here are some steps that will get you underway:

Step 1: Teach Basic Commands

Step one in training your Jack Russell Terrier should include teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. These foundational commands serve as building blocks for more advanced tricks and positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praise should your Jack obey them.

Step 2: Implement Positive Reinforcing Techniques

Positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of training your Jack Russell Terrier. Every time your pup performs a trick correctly, reward them with treats and praise so they repeat it in future performances. Punitive measures should be avoided as they can damage both relationships between owner and dog.

Step 3: Keep Training sessions short

Training sessions should be brief and frequent in order to keep your Jack Russell Terrier engaged and motivated during training sessions. Aim for 10-15 minute sessions two or three times daily and make the training fun by mixing up tricks you teach as well as rewards offered during each training session.

Step 4: Be Consistent

Consistency is key when training a Jack Russell Terrier. By using the same commands and rewards during each training session, your dog will quickly understand what’s expected of them, thus eliminating confusion.

Step 5: Progressively Increase Difficulty

As your Jack Russell Terrier becomes adept at basic commands, gradually increase the difficulty of the tricks you teach to challenge him mentally and physically – this will keep his brain stimulated while keeping boredom at bay. Always make sure your dog has become familiar with a trick before proceeding to teach another.

Tricks to Teach Your Jack Russell Terrier

Tricks to Teach Your Jack Russell Terrier

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to teach your Jack Russell Terrier some fun tricks! Here are a few of our favorites:

Trick 1: Shake Hands

Teach your Jack Russell Terrier how to shake hands by starting with a sit command. Hold out a treat in your hand and move it towards their paw when they lift their paw to reach for it – once they do this say “shake” and give them their reward – repeat until they lift their paw on command!

Trick 2: Roll Over

Teach your Jack Russell Terrier how to roll over by starting with a lie-down command and moving a treat around in a circular pattern over their head, gradually leading them over onto their side by following it. Say “Roll Over!” when this occurs and give them their treat as reinforcement – repeat until they can roll on command!

Trick 3: Spin

Start teaching your Jack Russell Terrier how to spin by starting with a sit command. Hold out a treat in front of them and move it slowly in a circular pattern in front of them; as they follow it around they will spin in circles until it finally stops spinning on command – repeat this until your pet knows how!

Trick 4: High Five

Teach your Jack Russell Terrier how to give you a high five by starting with a sit command and holding out treats until they lift their paw in curiosity; when this occurs, say “high five” and open your hand so the treat is visible – repeat until they give a high five on command!

Trick 5: Play Dead

Teach your Jack Russell Terrier how to play dead by starting with a lie-down command and holding out treats towards their nose before slowly moving them towards the floor – they should follow along and roll onto their back before rolling over onto their side when they detect that the treat has moved closer towards it, prompting you to say, “Play Dead”, say it again and give out treats until they can do it on command. Repeat until they can play dead reliably every time!

Trick 6: Jump Through a Hoops

Start teaching your Jack Russell Terrier how to jump through a hoop by starting with a sit command. Place a hula hoop or PVC pipe hoop on the ground in front of them, with a treat on one side and encourage them to jump through it by saying “Jump”. Saying “Jump” then rewarding with their treat! Gradually raise up the height of the hoop as your dog becomes more familiar with this trick.

FAQs about Training Jack Russell Terriers

How long does it take to train a Jack Russell Terrier to do tricks?

Training times will depend on both your dog’s personality and how much time you dedicate to training them. With consistent, patient practice, most dogs can learn basic commands within several weeks while more complex tricks may take longer.

Training a Jack Russell Terrier may prove challenging, so please check your local animal shelter or training school for guidance before beginning this endeavor.

Jack Russell Terriers are intelligent and eager to please, which makes training them relatively straightforward. However, they can sometimes be stubborn or have high energy levels; therefore it is key that positive reinforcement techniques be employed during training sessions while keeping sessions short and enjoyable.

Can an old Jack Russell Terrier learn new tricks?

Yes! Dogs of all ages can learn new tricks; however, older canines may require additional patience and slower training sessions to successfully master new ones.

What should I do if my Jack Russell Terrier does not respond to training?

If your dog isn’t responding to training, it could be because they’re too distracted or not motivated by the rewards you’re using. Try switching up rewards or toy prices or using more distract-free methods of training in an effort to reach an effective result.

How can I teach my Jack Russell Terrier tricks without treats?

Treats can be an effective form of positive reinforcement, although praise and affection may also work well. Treats tend to be more engaging for dogs and will speed up the training process.

What should I do if my Jack Russell Terrier becomes aggressive while training?

If your dog becomes aggressive during training, stop immediately and seek the advice of a professional dog trainer. Aggressive behavior could be indicative of deeper issues that require immediate resolution.


Teaching your Jack Russell Terrier tricks is both exciting and satisfying! Through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement you can teach a range of amazing moves sure to amaze. Remember to keep training sessions short with high-value rewards for success as well as gradually increase the difficulty of the tricks taught – enjoy training your pet!