Breed Of Terrier Crossword Clue

Breed of Terrier Crossword Clue Answer

If you have ever encountered the crossword clue breed of terrier, you may have found it difficult to find the correct answer. Fortunately, we have a solution for you that can help you out. The breed of terrier is one of the 11 letters that make up the clue. This answer has been sourced from The Crossword Solver, a service that provides answers to classic and cryptic crossword puzzles. The service allows you to search for a particular crossword answer by length or pattern. Breed of terrier is an 11-letter crossword clue.

In this crossword clue, a Cork neighbor is depressed about a certain breed of terrier. The breed of terrier is an example of a rottweiler, a type of terrier. It is a dog breed found in the United States. It is common for dogs to be depressed if their owners are unable to care for them. This breed is often described as aggressive, but it’s not always a dangerous breed.