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Are you looking for a home for a Border Terrier? If so, look no further than Border Terrier Rescue Nottinghamshire. This UK-based rescue organization is dedicated to finding homes for these wonderful dogs. While it is impossible to place every pet in a forever home, they will take in as many as possible. The organization is run entirely by volunteers. To make adoption as easy as possible, volunteers help educate potential owners and prevent future rescue and re-homing situations.

This tenacious Patterdale named Toby was brought to Border Terrier Rescue Nottinghamshire from a home in a small town in North Yorkshire. He had a home in a flat and rarely walked. Luckily, he has been neutered, chipped, and vaccinated. While he may be a little bit feisty around other dogs, he is friendly and will bond with people quickly.

To learn more about Border Terrier health, visit the Breed Health Group website. Eddie Houston, the Breed Health Coordinator for the UK Border Terrier Rescue Association, has been conducting research at the University of Nottingham. He is interested in the characteristics of Border Terrier dogs that are diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, as well as information on the deaths of the dogs. You can even complete an interactive questionnaire on the website! And don’t forget to join the Breed Health Group’s mailing list! You’ll be glad you did.

The breed’s health can only be improved through sharing information.

Anyone can breed a dog with a hereditary disorder, so the information about the problem must be shared widely. The demise of the Animal Health Trust, as well as Covid-19 restrictions, has halted testing. But the breed health group hopes to resume testing soon, and Dr. Cathryn Mellersh will head up the project from Cambridge University.

This is an incredible opportunity to rescue a beloved dog. The Border Terrier breed is renowned for its gentle nature, but sadly the numbers of affected dogs are too low to warrant monitoring. However, the Border Terrier is still a highly endangered breed, and you can make a difference by adopting one of these magnificent dogs today. You’ll be able to help a rescue dog and help a homeless Border Terrier live a healthy life.

Buster is a charming and affectionate boy. He is shy at first and is not accustomed to being in kennels. As such, he will need lots of training before he’s ready to live with a family. Buster does best in a home with only one male. But he can be good with other dogs when out. A new home with just one adult male is perfect for him.

Danny Boy is a beautiful and friendly dog, but his previous owner was a solitary, elderly woman who struggled with Alzheimer’s and was not able to care for the pet.

Danny Boy’s previous owner was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, so the dog was constantly afraid of the elderly woman. If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful dog, please contact Border Terrier Rescue Nottinghamshire to meet him and learn more about him.

This beautiful boy is an amazing addition to any family! He is a good dog with many skills, but he needs to lose some weight. His favorite activity is playing with a ball and he’s great with other dogs. He needs a home with high fences and a secure garden. Also, because of his high activity level, Teddy is not very friendly with other pets, so he will need to live with only one pet.

Although she’s shy, Molly is a sweet, nervous girl who loves chicken. She would love to find a family that enjoys active, older children and dogs. She will also need a muzzle around small animals. However, she would be happy with other dogs. Despite her timid personality, Molly is a great dog to adopt for its sweet personality and sweet nature. So, take a chance on bringing this enchanting dog into your family.