Boston Terrier Pug Jack Russell Mix

Boston Terrier Pug Jack Russell Mix

The Boston Terrier-Pug-Jack Russell mix is a medium-sized dog that can be small or medium-sized and has either a single coat or double coat. This breed can have any color you desire, and it is highly intelligent and loves routine. It requires little grooming but is prone to behavioral issues. If you’re considering getting a Bo-Jack, make sure to research the breed’s health needs before making a decision.

These dogs have full-on Terrier personalities.

These energetic, intelligent, and stubborn dogs require lots of exercise and positive reinforcement training. Their high prey drive makes them good candidates for homes with cats and other animals, but they don’t get along with cats unless introduced properly. Those who love chasing local wildlife and are interested in an athletic dog should opt for a Boston Terrier-Pug-Jack Russell mix.

The Name Bugg

Another popular breed among pet owners is the Boston Terrier-Pug mix, or “Bugg.” The name “Bugg” comes from its blending of a Boston Terrier and a Poodle. This dog is incredibly adorable and highly trainable. Its short, smooth coat sheds moderately. It has a short life expectancy of 11 to 15 years and sheds moderately.

Loyal and Energetic

A Boston Terrier-Pug mix is a great choice for families with children. The breed’s loyal and happy disposition makes it a great companion for a family. They do well in dog sports and enjoy agility work. Regardless of the activity level, they are happy just hanging out with their owners. If you’re interested in a Boston Terrier-Pug mix, consider the benefits that each one has to offer.

The Boston Terrier is known for being difficult to housetrain, so you should expect the same thing with a Bo-Jack. However, it’s not likely that your Bo-Jack will exhibit aggressive behaviors, as they’re usually friendly with people and other pets. As long as you start socializing them at a young age, Bo-Jacks are unlikely to develop any behavior problems. If you have any doubts about your ability to care for your new dog, seek professional help as soon as you notice any behavior issues.

Short Coats

Another important trait to look for in your new friend is its coat. Some breeds have longer hair than others, which makes them perfect lapdogs. Another feature of a Pug Boston Terrier mix is its flat face, which makes it a perfect snorer. The Boston Terrier-Pug hybrid is also a playful dog that’s perfect for entertaining children. They’re a great companion for families and children and are also great lap dogs.


The Boston Terrier-Pug mix has a very long life expectancy, usually 11 to 14 years. They’re trainable and eager to please. However, you should expect to spend some time grooming them, so be prepared to handle the inevitable shedding. And remember, the lifespan of a Boston Terrier-Pug mix will be approximately eleven to fourteen years, depending on the amount of grooming and care they receive.


While Jack Russell-Pug mixes are easy to train, they tend to be aggressive. Unless socialized at an early age, these dogs can become aggressive if they are not properly socialized. Pugs are great family dogs and can adjust to apartment living. So, if you’re considering a Pug-Jack mix, don’t hesitate to contact local breeders today!

Whether you’re considering a Boston Terrier or a Pug-Jack Russell mix, you’re sure to find a great companion for your family. Boston Terriers have playful and energetic personalities and make wonderful companions. But, they’re also prone to get distracted and do not like to spend time alone in the house. With patience and the right training, these dogs can be trained to obey basic commands and behave well around other animals. And you’ll be surprised by how easily they learn new tricks.


Because the Boston Terrier and the Jack Russell were originally bred as fighting and ratter dogs, the Boston Terrier-Pug mix looks more like a Boxer or Bulldog. The head and ears of Bo-Jacks are triangular and rounded. Their big, lovable smile makes them the perfect companion for families. They require lots of exercises to maintain their good health, and they also have a natural hunting instinct.

A Boston Terrier-Pug mix, also known as a Bo-Jack, is a small mixed breed that is small and athletic. Males weigh between six and fourteen pounds and females are approximately 10 inches tall. They have a high-set tail and a dense coat. A Bo-Jack is very easy to train and is excellent with children. But it needs a lot of time and attention.