American Russell Terrier Club

American Russell Terrier Club

The American Russell Terrier Club is an organization of dog owners and breeders dedicated to the preservation of purebred Parson Russells. The breed was named for its creator, Parson John Russell, who bred, worked, and lived from 1795 to 1883. In 1985, the association was formed in response to increasing concerns over the misrepresentation of the Parson Russell Terrier as a short-legged terrier. They promote symmetry, as they do in the original foxhound breed.

In 2005, the UKC changed the breed’s name to “Jack Russell” to better align with the world standard. The American Kennel Club accepted the F.C.I. Jack Russell standard as a breed in its FSS program in 2004, while the American Kennel Club accepted the standard created by the American Russell Terrier Club in 2001. Before that, the breed was only recognized by the United Kennel Club (AKC). In 1990, the Australian National Kennel Council officially recognized the breed.

The AKC rules state that the terrier must have a full-color photograph of the dog’s face and body, and a photo taken of the dog’s front and rear legs. This is to demonstrate the breed standard. The American Kennel Club also requires that the photo show the entire body of the terrier and its general conformation. A well-maintained dog is an asset to any household, so it’s a good idea to find one that will meet the standard.

The Russell terrier was developed in England and later in Australia.

While the breed originated from Reverend John Russell’s fox-hunting terriers, it was refined in Australia as an effective working dog. It was suitable for being carried on horseback in a terrier back as the terrain became difficult. The AKC has recognized the breed as an official breed in 2012.

The JRTCA also maintains a working heritage of the JRT. It opposes a national all-breed registry and kennel club. They believe that such a decision will harm the breed. However, the organization awards three types of working certificates: a working certificate, a sports working certificate, and an open class of the go-to-ground division. Depending on your goals, these certificates will help you identify the qualities of a JRT and help you understand its behavior.

While the AKC does not recognize Parson Russells or Jack Russells as separate breeds, the JRTCA does. The American Russell Terrier Club is a great place to start learning about the differences between these breeds. I learned so much from Lynn Hayner’s Doggie Designer blog that I have since joined the AKC. She also writes about dogs, law, and dog-related topics. For more information, visit her blog.

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In addition to fostering quality dogs and promoting their health, the JRTCA is also an excellent source of information about the Jack Russell Terrier. The club is dedicated to promoting the breed and preserving it as a healthy working breed. They also promote the registration of national dog trials and regional shows. They also provide certified judges for these competitions. Despite the JRTCA’s uniqueness, the association is not associated with the American Kennel Club.