All Terrier Rescue Hunters Crossing Inc

All Terrier Rescue Hunters Crossing Inc

All Terrier Rescue Hunters Crossing, Inc., is a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization that started as a Scottish Terrier rescue. It now accepts all types of terriers, including the elderly and physically ill. They evaluate each dog’s past behavior and medical history to determine how best to rehome it. In addition to providing the best possible care for rescued animals, All Terrier also informs new owners of the dog’s past behavior and medical history.

ATR has two separate investigations: the Columbia County Animal Services Department is investigating possible kenneling ordinance violations and the Oregon Department of Justice is looking at financial records. Both agencies are investigating ATR after four complaints were filed against it between April and August.

Noah Ellenberg, an assistant attorney general with the DOJ, says he is concerned about the financial practices of the rescue. “We’re going to do everything in our power to protect these dogs,” he adds.

The terrier was developed in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Their name derives from the Latin word “terra,” which means earth. Originally, these dogs were bred to hunt vermin and small animals on the ground. They would dig into the ground to catch these animals.

These dogs are highly intelligent and tenacious. Their hunting instincts were developed to help farmers control vermin. While they may be small, they’re highly adaptable, with a very strong will to fight against their larger enemies.