Airedale Terrier Texas

Adopting an Airedale Terrier

Airedale terriers need regular exercise and playtime, otherwise, they can become bored and destructive. They require at least 20 minutes of daily brisk walking. This can be difficult if you have a household with small children or elderly relatives. Moreover, they need to be exposed to many people to learn normal behavior. Here are some tips for adopting an Airedale.

The first step is to find a local rescue group. Many rescue groups will only take in Airedales if they have met the breed standard and are not from an abusive home. If you can’t find a rescue group near you, use the search tool to find a dog in your area. Airedale terriers make great house pets and are very easy to train.

However, some breeds are more prone to certain diseases. One such condition is hypothyroidism, wherein the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism affects the body’s metabolism and can lead to lethargy, abnormal weight gain, and ear infections. Another health condition that may affect your Airedale Terrier is pannus, abnormal growth of cells on the cornea. Other common problems include cherry eye, a prolapse of the third eyelid gland that results in an inverted third eyelid. Fortunately, these conditions are treatable by your veterinarian.

A good home for an Airedale terrier is one with another pet.

Ginger needs a home with another pet to keep him company. She is housebroken and crate-trained but still needs some basic training. She will need to learn not to jump on people and not to counter-surf. You will also need to provide time for her to play and walk. This breed is not for everyone.

AIREDALE TERRIER breeders in Texas include DOGWOODDALES in DALLAS. The breeder also has a rescue team in FLORESVILLE. They are dedicated to the protection and care of these tiny dogs. If you are looking to adopt an Airedale terrier, make sure to choose one that specializes in these dogs. There are many places to adopt an Airedale terrier in Texas, and the breed is becoming increasingly popular in the state.