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How to Adopt a Terrier Card at Boston University

BU ID, also known as the Terrier Card, is the an official University of Boston ID. If you’re in the college town, chances are you have been tempted to use your card to purchase a souvenir. However, the truth is that you can benefit from many discounts and special deals just because you have a Terrier Card. If you’re interested, here’s a brief guide to getting a new card for your canine companion.

Activate the Terrier Convenience Plan, which lets full-time employees use their Terrier Card at the Marciano Commons Dining Hall. This convenient plan can save you money while dining on campus. Using the card instead of cash or an ATM can mean the difference between paying $11 or $8.80 for a meal. It’s easy to use, too. Just swipe your card instead of your wallet to make your purchase.

Boston University has two locations where you can get a new Terrier Card.

The Human Resources office is located at 25 Buick Street, and the Terrier Card Office is in the George Sherman Union. In case of a lost card, medical campus employees can report it to the Terrier Card Office in the George Sherman Union. A replacement Terrier Card is available after a lost card is reported. There are also two locations where you can get a replacement card at BU.

Your Terrier Card is your official ID card at Boston University. It grants you access to buildings, offers discounts at faculty staff dining rooms, and even enables you to borrow books at the university’s libraries. You can also track your purchases online, which makes it easy to make smarter choices and save money. However, if you are a full-time student, you should consider applying for a part-time Terrier Card.

During the first 10 weeks of the semester, students may switch their dining plans.

These plans can be changed at any time, though it’s recommended to have a large opening balance of at least $800 to cover the basic needs of the student. During this period, students can use their cards to pay for textbooks, eat-in on-campus dining locations, and buy everyday items. In addition to the campus dining plan, BU also offers the Convenience Points plan, which students may use for laundry and other necessities.

Boston University has an FAQ, which you can download from the Terrier Card website. In this FAQ, Boston University acknowledges the use of biometrics in food access but says the use of biometrics may expose the university to inappropriate exposure. Regardless of whether you choose to use your Terrier Card for food access or not, it’s always important to keep in mind the following points when deciding whether or not to apply for a Terrier Card.

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