Rat Terrier Puppies In Virginia

Rat Terrier Puppies In Virginia

Rat Terrier Puppies in Virginia

If you want a companion dog that is also capable of hunting vermin and rodents, rat terriers are a good choice. They have a small to medium size and a short, smooth coat with parti-colored spots or points. Colors can include predominantly black, chocolate, red, apricot, or tan. Some breeders also breed black and white Rat Terriers.

A Rat Terrier is an extremely lovable dog, often confused with a Jack Russell Terrier. This breed is gentle and can adapt to different levels of activity. These characteristics make it a perfect companion for families with small children and older, independent adults. It is important to socialize with your new pet early since they can be very standoffish if they aren’t socialized. Without socialization, they are difficult to train.

In addition to being a great companion dogs, rat terriers have an active lifestyle.

They weigh between ten and twenty pounds and stand 10 to 18 inches tall. They have short coats, making them perfect for apartments or houses. They also require brushing and bathing weekly. For grooming, Rat Terriers shed seasonally. Brushing is best done using a soft brush or a rubber curry mitt.

A rat terrier needs at least 40 minutes of daily exercise. These dogs are extremely social and can easily learn commands if they are socialized early. It is important to exercise your new puppy daily since it can become destructive if they are not active. They are also good with other pets, but you should not cradle them all day. They’ll get bored and will chase smaller animals.

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