Jack Russell Terrier Heeler Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Heeler Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Heeler Mix For Sale

A Jack Russell-Blue Heeler mix is a versatile and energetic dog breed. While some Blue Heeler pups have the same traits as the Jack Russell, most of these dogs are blue or black. Regardless of the resulting coat color, these pups are sure to make your life more colorful and entertaining. The best part is that both dogs have unique personalities and are fun to live with.

The Waupaca Humane Society has three puppies looking for a forever home. Ralph, a five-month-old Jack Russell terrier-heeler mix, needs a family with older children. Antony and Antonia, two 4-month-old mixed-breed dogs, are available for adoption. Both are friendly and well-mannered dogs. The Waupaca Humane Society hopes you will adopt one of them.

Whether you choose a blue-heeler mix or a Jack Russell-Blue Heeler, the ideal diet for your dog depends on your lifestyle and the size of its body. Because of their high energy level and high stamina, these dogs need four to five meals a day. As they grow older, they can eat larger meals. Make sure to visit your vet for a regular checkup so that they can give you advice on how much food to give your dog each day.

The Jack Russell terrier is known for being affectionate and devoted to its owners. They are not good for apartment life because they prefer living with people. A Jack Russell terrier is easy to groom and maintain but sheds a lot of furs. If you’re not into flying fur, you might want to consider choosing a Jack Russell-terrier heeler mix with one of the parent breeds with low shedding tendencies.

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