Boston Terrier On Roomba

Boston Terrier On Roomba

Boston Terrier on Roomba

You’ve probably seen the Christmas video where a Boston terrier is riding a Roomba vacuum cleaner. In this clip, Five the Boston terrier rides the Roomba, accompanied by a Spanish song. “Donde Esta Santa Claus?” by Augie Rios is playing in the background. The resulting video is delightful and entertaining. You can watch the full video below. Just make sure to check the captions.

In a recent video, Five the Boston terrier rides a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

He’s dressed as Santa Claus and spins around the house, cleaning the floor as he sings “Donde está Santa Claus.” The hilarity is undeniable, but it’s impossible not to feel sorry for this poor dog. While watching this video, you might also want to share it with friends and family.

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