Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter

Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter

How to Use a Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter

A Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter is a perfect addition to your baking arsenal. Not only will it make amazing cookies, but you can use it to decorate cakes, play dough, and fondant. These cutters will surely become your favorite kitchen tools. So, what’s next? How can you use them? Continue reading to learn how you can use them! And don’t worry about breaking them – the solid copper construction means they won’t bend, so you can even use them on other objects.


A Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter set is available in several designs, each one featuring a different aspect of the dog’s face. Because the Boston Terrier has such a unique face shape, you can choose the one that represents your favorite animal. You can even order a personalized cookie cutter for a friend or family member, as well as a personalized one for special occasions! This personalized cookie cutter will make holiday celebrations extra special. In addition, you can make custom treats with your new Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter, whether for friends or family.

Cutter Set

The Boston Terrier Cookie Cutter Set is specifically designed for use with fondant, but certain designs are also appropriate for cookie dough. Each set has a stamp line of 0.1 inches and a half-inch thick. This makes it easy to cut and decorate with fondant and cookie dough, but some designs won’t work with the latter. The set includes all seven pieces. And the color may differ a bit depending on where you buy your cookie cutters.

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