Bedlington Terrier Temperament

Bedlington Terrier Temperament

Bedlington Terrier Temperament

While Bedlington terrier temperament is highly dependent on individual temperament, this breed is an excellent choice for families with children. It is gentle, loving, and intelligent, making it the perfect companion for children and adults of all ages. Bedlingtons are also incredibly clean-living and do not have a problem with mice. Listed below are some important considerations when choosing a Bedlington for your family.

One of the best things about Bedlingtons is their affectionate temperament with children.

Although they are great playmates for kids, they can also be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs, so early socialization is crucial for success with this breed. However, Bedlingtons have a strong prey drive and are dangerous around small, uncaged animals. It is important to be consistent with socializing your new pet with other dogs, especially older ones.


Although Bedlington terriers are known to have excellent temperaments, they also have some common health problems. Copper toxicosis, an excessive amount of copper in the body, is common in this breed. Several other common genetic diseases affect this breed, including eye problems and cataracts. Regular CERF tests are recommended to identify potential genetic issues. You can also consult your vet for routine eye exams and DNA testing if you are unsure of your dog’s breed.

While Bedlington terrier temperament is dependent on individual circumstances, the breed is generally happy and cheerful and loves family life. Unlike other terrier breeds, this dog is less active indoors. The Bedlington is more active outside than inside. And it does not mind being active indoors if you give it enough exercise. If you live in a climate where the temperature is colder, you can use the dog to hunt and catch prey.

Health problems

If you are interested in adopting a Bedlington, be sure to research its health problems and check with your breeder for information about CT. Bedlingtons are particularly susceptible to the eye disorder, called Total Retinal Dysplasia, which affects the retinal cells. Fortunately, the Bedlington Terrier breeder has implemented aggressive breeding practices to curb the spread of this disease. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about your pup’s health, it is best to seek out a reputable pet breeder.

The Bedlington terrier’s temperament is also very important for pet owners. A Bedlington terrier breed should be able to tolerate many common allergens, which may make it the ideal pet for allergy sufferers. However, this breed does have a few health problems, which are not easily treatable. As a breed, the Bedlington tends to live longer than most dogs, up to 18 years in a healthy home.


Grooming is necessary for this breed, and it is important to keep the coat clean and brushed. Be sure to brush the dog’s teeth once or twice a week. The Bedlington is prone to tangling, so brushing is crucial. Be sure to brush the coat and ears at least twice a week to prevent bad breath and dental problems. It is important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and to ensure good dental health.

A Bedlington’s temperament is highly dependent on its environment and how much exercise it gets. This playful breed will need a large, fenced-in backyard to get a lot of exercises. They make excellent pets for families with older children, but they will also become destructive if they are not properly exercised. If you are looking for a companion for older children, you should consider a Bedlington terrier.


Because Bedlingtons are highly intelligent, training is relatively simple. Although they can be stubborn, they do respond well to praise and treats when trained. Training should begin at a young age and should be accompanied by plenty of exercise and socialization. Unlike other breeds, these terriers love to be in open spaces, and they will need daily walks or jogs. A Bedlington terrier is an excellent choice for homes with children, and the rewards can last a lifetime.

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