Barbara Miller Norfolk Terrier

Barbara Miller Norfolk Terrier

Barbara Miller – Norfolk Terrier For Sale

Barbara Miller is the president of the Long Island Kennel Club (LIKC), where she has been an active member since 1973. She was also named National Breeder of the Year in 2007. When she is not working on her LIKC business, she works in her family’s Nassau County real estate firm. She enjoys the company of her Norfolk terriers. Listed below are some of the traits that make the breed so desirable.

The ear carriage of a Norfolk terrier is distinct from its standard counterpart.

The Norfolk’s is drop-ear and slightly off-square, giving it a foxy expression. While a Norwich has a longer tail, it is shorter than its Norfolk cousin. Despite their differences, both types of terriers are agile and quick-moving. They are also equally adept at tackling small vermin, such as mice.

Although the Norwich and Norfolk terriers are closely related, there are some key differences between them. They are smaller and more suited for work. Norfolk terriers are also more silent and vocal. This means that they do not bark a lot, which is a good thing if you like dogs. If you don’t have the time to read the breed’s description, be sure to check with the shelter before purchasing one.

When buying a Norfolk terrier, make sure to read about its lifespan.

Despite the relatively short lifespan of the breed, the Norfolk terrier can live for twelve to fifteen years. Some breeds may even have waiting lists, so do your research. And remember to take care of your Norfolk terrier. Your new companion will thank you! If you love Norfolk terriers, you will love her good-natured personality and sweet nature.


If you’re considering getting a Norfolk terrier, make sure you choose a food that suits your dog’s age and weight. The portion size of each meal should be adjusted according to their age and weight. Moreover, it is important to note that Norfolk terriers tend to overeat, so smaller portions are best. Besides, puppy food will provide better nutrition. It is important to know that Norfolk terriers have a sensitive tummy.

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