Average Age For A Yorkshire Terrier

Average Age For A Yorkshire Terrier

Average Age For a Yorkshire Terrier

While the average age of a Yorkshire Terrier can be difficult to determine, the breed has a very long life span. While some Yorkies may reach up to 20 years of age, the Guinness Book of World Records hasn’t confirmed that. Proper care and nutrition will ensure a long life for your Yorkshire Terrier. Also, keep in mind that female Yorkshire Terriers tend to live slightly longer than males.

Great apartment dog

While they are great apartment dogs, they are also capable of being very yappy and aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs or even squirrels. You should be aware that Yorkies require a lot of attention. They don’t do well alone for long periods, so you must plan on putting in hours of playtime. Yorkshire Terriers do best with older children and small children. They can get quite snappy if startled by a loud noise or by a sudden movement.

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

In terms of health, Yorkies are a healthy breed and live anywhere from 11 to 15 years. In good health, they may live even longer. However, they are predisposed to certain health conditions, including collapsing tracheas, luxating patellas, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Also, Yorkshire terriers are susceptible to portosystemic shunt, so it’s important to be aware of any potential complications before purchasing a puppy.

Yorkies often retain their puppy teeth for a while. If you find that your Yorkie retains its baby teeth, make an appointment with a vet right away. If it continues to do this, it may cause its adult teeth to come in unevenly and could lead to tooth decay. In addition, because Yorkies are mostly indoors, they must be given ample exercise outdoors, preferably in the open.

The average lifespan

The average life span of a Yorkshire Terrier varies, but the breed is typically between 12 and 15 years old. Yorkies are generally easy to train and are incredibly easy to handle. A Yorkshire Terrier can learn to behave in different environments and with different people. In addition to their love for children, Yorkshire terriers make excellent pets. And their love for humans is something they will cherish for a lifetime.

Active Dogs

Yorkshire terriers are small but sturdy, and extremely active. Their long, silky coats and affection have made them one of the most popular dogs in the world. Their large, rounded heads make them great companions, and many Yorkies live to be 10 years or more. While their age may be low, it’s still a good sign of their hard work and dedication.

If you’re interested in adopting a Yorkie, it’s important to know the breed’s average life span. A Yorkshire may live up to 13 years, so be sure to find a breeder with a high life expectancy. However, be sure to be cautious when adopting a dog from a puppy mill. Be sure to ask about health clearances and meet the parents. If you’re unsure, the AKC can point you in the right direction.


If you’re planning to bring your Yorkie home, make sure it has all the necessary vaccinations. Unvaccinated dogs are dangerous for your Yorkie’s health. The Yorkshire Terrier is also susceptible to trauma. For this reason, training your kids to handle them properly is very important. Finally, keep your Yorkie away from feces, urine, and other animals’ excrement. If you live in an area where wildlife is plentiful, ask your veterinarian about leptospirosis vaccination.

A Yorkie’s ears are typically a sign of age.

They may develop standing ears as they get older. Ears can also become dislocated. The breeders check for these conditions before breeding their Yorkies. If this occurs, you should seek medical treatment immediately. A dislocated kneecap or luxating patella can also cause a chronic cough. These problems can be treated surgically or medically.

Yorkshire Terriers have a silky coat and shed very little.

In the show ring, Yorkshire Terriers flaunt floor-length locks and are known for being low-shedding. They’re also quite small, with a small head and compact body. Their alert, intelligent expression makes them perfect companions for children and adults. While their size is small, they’re capable of living a very active life.

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