Adult Silky Terrier

Adult Silky Terrier

Adult Silky Terrier For Sale

If you’re thinking of adopting a Silky Terrier, there are some important considerations you need to keep in mind. Despite their size, Silkies are not small enough to be rough-housed and need to be trained to be well-behaved in public places. They’re also very possessive of their food and toys and may require regular brushing to prevent matting. Silky Terriers have a traditional terrier temperament and are good candidates for obedience, agility, tracking, and flyball. If you’re looking for a companion for your dog, they can also make great therapy dogs.

Healthy Breed

Although the Silky Terrier is a generally healthy breed, there are a few common health problems to watch for. Patellar luxation is a common condition that causes the dog to run on three legs. Another issue is Legg-Perthes disease, which affects the hip socket and causes pain in the dog. Finally, there are cases of diabetes in silky terriers. A regular weight tracking program will help you determine whether your Silky is overweight or not.


While the Silky terrier’s coat is sleek and shiny, it’s not entirely without character. The breed’s coat is a rich, glossy blue with a tan underside. The tan can be long or short. It’s easy to care for, and the silky terrier is a great companion. However, keep in mind that this breed has a high level of energy and is still a terrier. Unlike the typical terrier, Silky terriers are active and will often dig and chase after cats.


While Silky terriers are very friendly and do well with children, they’re not particularly good with young children and should be handled carefully. It’s best to keep your Silky Terrier indoors and away from toddlers as they can misread a toddler’s movements or squeezes. It’s important to remember that this breed is an adaptable dog, and will get along with other dogs and kids in a short time.

As an adult Silky terrier, the Gigo stands around nine to ten inches at the shoulder and weighs eight to eleven pounds. While the Silky terrier may be small, it is a hardy little terrier with a strong sense of self-confidence. It’s an excellent companion for children but is also an excellent playmate. It’s a great choice for obedience training and agility training.

Loyal Pet

The Silky terrier is a fun and loyal pet for any family. These small dogs can be noisy and playful, but they’re also loving, loyal, and very alert. Silky terriers are excellent guard dogs and will keep an eye out for strangers. You can find these dogs online or in reputable breeders. And once you’ve chosen your Silky, you’ll have an adorable companion to love for years to come.

While the Silky terrier is a great pet for a first-time owner, they are still quite a lot of work to maintain. As an adult, Silky needs 45 minutes of daily exercise. This amount can be met through a few short walks and some dedicated playtime. If you choose to adopt a Silky puppy, you can start walking with him when he’s about 10 to 12 weeks old and gradually increase the length of the walks as the dog grows.


The Silky was created in Australia after the Yorkie first arrived in the country. The Australians wanted a sturdier dog and crossed the Yorkie with the Australian Terrier. Because of this, the Silky is also known as a Yorkie-Australian Terrier cross. And it’s hard to ignore how adorable this dog is. They’re a great companion for anyone who loves to play and is loyal and affectionate.

Because Silky terriers are small and easy to handle, they make wonderful family pets. As with any breed, they must be raised with kids and around a lot of commotion. Make sure you get an older Silky, though, as they may not tolerate pokes and other attempts to pet them. Also, keep an eye on their ears and mouth to ensure that they’re not overweight. A well-maintained coat will also result in an easy veterinary exam and avoidable health problems.

Size Measurement

The adult Silky Terrier should stand between 9 and 10 inches tall at the shoulders. The average weight of an adult Silky Terrier should be around 10 pounds. Generally, Silky terrier puppies are born in litters of four, and it takes about nine months to reach adulthood. It’s important to remember that the growth of your Silky Terrier puppy will vary from that of the general dog population, so weighing him or she regularly will be crucial.

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