Wire Fox Terrier Breed Standard

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Standard

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Standard

The Wire Fox Terrier is an extremely popular breed that is recognized as a show dog. This breed has won thirteen Best in Show awards at the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual dog shows. The breed name comes from a variety of sources, including the type of game it hunted and the family from which it originated. Here’s some information about the Wire Fox Terrier’s characteristics. This article will explain the standard for this breed.

The Wire Fox Terrier weighs between 16 and 18 pounds and is a sturdy and short-backed hunter. Its coat is white and mostly non-shedding. Its ears are positioned to indicate its expression. A Wire Fox Terrier is extremely friendly and easy to train, but it also exhibits a high prey drive. A dog with this trait would chase a fox, opossum, or cat.

Wire Fox Terrier Body Shape

The Wire Fox Terrier’s head and body are distinctly square. Its rounded ears should be long, set high, and carried close to the cheek. The Wire Fox Terrier has a double coat, which is primarily white with black and tan markings. While the tail is considered a desirable trait, docking it at least a quarter of its original length is prohibited in Europe.

The Wire Fox Terrier is a small to medium-sized hunting terrier that is athletic, muscular, and built for speed and agility. The Wire Fox Terrier’s head is square and flat, and its skull is level and evenly proportioned to the rest of its body. The tail stands high and is docked about three-quarters of an inch. The dog’s tail is normally docked at the base. Its feet are round. Its body is short-backed. Its coat is predominantly white and wiry, with a short tail.

Intelligent Breed

The wire fox terrier is a lively and active breed that thrives when it is given a task. This energetic and intelligent breed is best suited to active families with children. It is best to take obedience classes to curb its strong hunting instinct. If you have other pets, the wire fox terrier gets along well with them. Male wire foxes may be aggressive towards other males.

The Wire Fox Terrier breed standard is very important in the UK. These dogs must meet strict breed standards to maintain their title. Unlike many other breeds, this type of terrier does not require a lot of grooming. Depending on the type of show you enter, the Wire Fox Terrier may only need weekly brushing, with nails clipped every week. Unlike many other breeds, the Wire Fox Terrier has very low sheds and can easily be fenced in for exercise.

The Wire Fox Terrier is a small dog that is a natural hunter. The breed’s coat is rough and patterned, with a white base and tri-colored markings. They typically weigh between seven and eight kilograms for males and six to seven kilograms for females. These dogs are very active and sociable, making them great companions for young people. They are also great for families with children.

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