Wire Coated Terrier Breeds

Wire Coated Terrier Breeds

Wire Coated Terrier Breeds

There are several different wire-coated terrier breeds, and this article will focus on those most popular among dog lovers. Wire coats are characteristic of many dog breeds, including the Border Terrier, Affenpinscher, Wire Haired Dachshund, Airedale, and Brussels Griffon. Each of these terrier breeds has unique qualities that make them special. Listed below are some of the characteristics of each of these breeds.

The Wire Fox Terrier has a thick, wiry double coat that is reminiscent of matting on a coconut. The coat is short, thick, and crinkly, with a slight wave and a twisted appearance. The coat is primarily white with tan or black markings. The tail of this breed is docked about a quarter of its original length, as it is illegal in Europe.

How To Trim Terrier Coat

The wire coat can be trimmed to achieve a specific look. Excess hair can be removed using a thumb or finger, which did not cause pain to the dog. A corded poodle, a wire-coated terrier breed, was very fashionable before the 20th century, but today is almost unknown. The author also has an interesting commentary on the history of wire-coated terrier breeds and their origins.

The Wire Fox Terrier is a sturdy, playful dog with a rough, wiry coat that resembles coconut matting. Males of this breed should be about seven to eight kilograms, while females should weigh around six to seven pounds. Although the Wire Fox Terrier gets along with other dogs, it should not be left alone for extended periods, as it tends to be vocal and may attack other dogs.


The Affenpinscher, a wire-coated terrier breed with long legs, is a small dog with a strong watchdog instinct and a high prey drive. They are not suited to apartment living. Their coats are prone to mats, which require weekly grooming. They do not require bathing regularly, and will not shed much. Affenpinscher puppies are generally black and tan.


Airedales are the largest of the wire-coated terrier breeds. While their coats are often a little rough, they are known for being highly intelligent, versatile, and full of character. Airedales are playful with their family and friends but are aloof with strangers. They tend to have a high prey drive, so owners may need to spend extra time working on recall skills.

Wire Fox Terriers

Wire Fox Terriers are believed to be descended from a black-and-tan working terrier that escaped a dog trap. They are considered old English breeds and interbred with Terriers from Shropshire, Cheshire, and Beagle mixes. These dogs have roots as far back as the 18th century. This small breed is fiercely energetic and brave and weighs less than 18 pounds.

German Wirehaired Pointers need daily exercise and play disguised as “work.” Basic obedience training should be fairly easy, although German Wirehaired Pointers may need more firm approaches. German Wirehaired Pointers typically cost between $1200 and $2,000 and some breeders charge more for females. They are an excellent choice for a family pet, and they can bring a lifetime of companionship.

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