Wheaten Terrier Summer Cut

Wheaten Terrier Summer Cut

Wheaten Terrier Summer Cut

A wheaten terrier summer cut is the perfect way to keep your beloved pet looking its best. This type of dog is known to be easy to maintain and is low-shedding, which is a plus if you suffer from allergies. Read on to learn more about this type of cut and what it entails. You’ll be surprised by the benefits it provides. If you’re planning on getting a new puppy, be sure to check out these tips for choosing a hairstyle.

Farm Dog

The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier was developed in Ireland as a working farm dog and hunting dog. The breed possesses many traits of the terrier, such as high prey drive, barking, and impulsive behavior. Despite these traits, Wheaten Terriers are very intelligent and have lots of energy to burn. They are also friendly and can be trained to greet visitors by wagging their tails and holding a flashlight for an intruder.


Grooming is not hard for Wheatens, but they do need frequent brushing and trimming. Ideally, you should brush your Wheaten daily, but most people don’t have the time for that. A summer cut will save you time and money and give your new friend a clean and stylish look! To maintain your Wheaten Terrier’s soft-coated fur, make sure to trim it regularly. A short summer cut will help prevent the coat from becoming tangled and prone to tangles.

The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier is a pure-breed terrier from Ireland. They have two types of coats, the Irish coat, and the American. The Irish coat is much silkier and lays closer to the body, whereas the American coat is less oily and requires more grooming. The Irish coat will also have a more matted appearance, which will require less combing and brushing.

Skin Disease

A classic wheaten terrier summer cut will give your Wheaten an elegant look, reminiscent of the Scottie. A traditional cut is straight but shorter than this. The hair on Wheaten is very soft, so you should spend about five to ten minutes brushing your dog’s fur daily. A summer cut will also keep your Wheaten from developing painful diseases like dermatitis, which are caused by dry skin.

When it comes to grooming your Wheaten terrier, make sure you don’t forget to clean the ears. Using biodegradable pomades, you can remove the pigment and stains that build up in the dog’s mane. Shampoos made for dogs should contain aloe vera. Then, you can gently brush the coat with a slicker brush to loosen it up.

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