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West Highland Terrier Poodle Mix

West Highland Terrier Poodle Mix


How to Adopt a West Highland Terrier Poodle Mix

A West Highland Terrier poodle mix is a beautiful cross between two popular breeds, the West Highland White Terrier and the Poodle. This dog belongs to the mini hybrid group and is a delightful family pet. Although a bit smaller than the standard Poodle, the Westie is surprisingly intelligent and a wonderful family dog. The breed was originally bred to hunt vermin and small mammals in Scotland.

The West Highland Terrier Poodle mix is an excellent choice for a family with young children. Though the breeds have mixed reputations when it comes to children, they are both very sociable and able to bond with people. This puppy will need extensive socialization with other children, including other family members. Be sure to supervise children at all times when they are around the dog. A Westie poodle mix should have the same level of socialization as its Poodle counterparts.

The Westiepoo’s temperament depends on the parent breed. Poodles are friendly and gentle, while the West Highland White Terrier has a strong instinct to hunt. This combination can make it untrustworthy with small animals, but early socialization will ensure that your new dog gets along with all your family members. But be aware that the Westiepoo will probably bark at strangers, so you have to exercise caution.

Westiepoos is a small and very playful dog that will be a great companion.

They are easy to train and are generally friendly with children. A Westiepoo weighs between fifteen and thirty pounds and stands about 17 inches tall. Their cute features include a button nose, large, round eyes, and curly, short hair. The Westiepoo’s coat is soft and curly and is typically white with occasional patches of white.

The Westiepoo is a hypoallergenic, low-shedding canine that can make an excellent companion for older children, singles, and families. This medium-sized breed is also easy to train. Despite their low-shedding coat, the Westiepoo needs a lot of mental stimulation. It needs constant interaction with people and other animals and must be socialized. However, this canine breed is great for apartments, condos, and other apartments.

Although the Westiepoo is a relatively recent cross between a poodle and West Highland terrier, the dog breed is still becoming more similar to pure-bred dogs. The Westiepoo was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908 and is now a popular dog breed in its own right. Its ancestry is very interesting and carries with it several traits of both breeds.

The West Highland White Terrier has been very successful in major dog shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Ch. Morvan, a dog owned by Colin Young in Scotland, was the first Westie to be crowned a show champion. He won the title at an early age of only seven months. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, on

On the other hand, was held in London in 1942.

A Westiepoo’s coat is low-shedding and is easily cared for. The parent dogs both have low-shedding coats, and the Westiepoo inherits this trait. Daily brushing is the best way to keep the coat healthy and free of dead hair. Once or twice a month bathing is also necessary. The ears, on the other hand, do not require a lot of grooming.

The West Highland Terrier poodle mix has many benefits. These dogs are smart, active, playful, and independent. However, they are not suitable for first-time dog owners. The breed is also very temperamental, so they should be chosen carefully. The breed of both parents and the type of handling they receive during the first eight weeks of life will play a large role in the temperament of the pup.

A Westiepoo can have any of the following common health issues. They are larger than the parent breeds but are generally healthier than the parents. If you notice yellowish skin on the dog, or if you notice personality changes or a depressed state in the Westiepoo, they may be prone to this disease. Diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain may be signs of this condition.

The Westiepoo is a playful and loving dog. It is good with children and other pets but is shy around strangers. The Westiepoo may bark a lot at first but will calm down after you give it a treat. It can be very protective of its family and home. If you choose to adopt one, you can expect a price of between $1200 and $4000.

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