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West Highland Terrier Life Span

West Highland Terrier Life Span

Life Expectancy of a West Highland White Terrier

You might be wondering what the life expectancy of a West Highland White Terrier is. This breed originated in Poltalloch, Scotland, and is known as the Dog of Argyleshire. Originally bred to hunt vermin, the Westie is now a companion dog with a long life expectancy of 15 years. Listed below are some interesting facts about this breed, from the average life expectancy to its health issues and lifespan.

The average life expectancy of a Westie is twelve to sixteen years, although this varies. Some Westies have even lived as long as 16 years, according to British veterinarians. In addition to this, they are prone to certain diseases and disorders, including diabetes and vascular and heart disease. These breeds also suffer from skin problems and chronic hernias. A good diet should not be too rich or too bland; these two factors together can shorten a Westie’s lifespan significantly.

In addition to these common diseases, the West Highland White Terrier is prone to developing Copper Hepatopathy. This degenerative disease causes a buildup of copper in the liver, causing it to eventually fail. Infected Westies often experience jaundice between two and four years of age and should be tested early in their lives. If you’d like to learn more about the West Highland White Terrier’s life expectancy, consider contacting your veterinarian.

While the West Highland terrier is a fun-loving breed, it is important to consider its life expectancy before purchasing one.

The breed’s life expectancy is lower than most pedigree dogs, which is a positive sign. It is important to note, however, that West Highland white terriers have an average life span. The lifespan of these dogs varies, and some of them are more prone to developing hereditary diseases.

Some breeds are susceptible to cataracts. This condition causes blurry vision and can only be corrected surgically. Westies often develop a grey haze in their eyes, which can be painful. Some veterinarians recommend surgery to remove this disease, but this can be tricky and expensive. However, a dog with cataract surgery lived until he was seventeen years old. So, it’s important to consider the West Highland White Terrier’s life span and how long it will take to heal.

The West Highland Terrier is an excellent pet for people of all ages. They have a cheerful and outgoing nature and can get along with almost anyone, including children. Westies are also very easy to travel with. They don’t mind other dogs, and with the proper leadership, they won’t pick a fight. As a companion, a Westie loves companionship and will bond with you. A Westie is a fun and active dog, and it is easy to see why this breed is so popular.

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