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Terrier Mix Haircuts

Terrier Mix Haircuts

How to Groom a Terrier Mix Dog

Various types of mixed terriers, including Australian Terriers, Border Terriers, and Yorkie Schnauzer mixes, require different haircuts and grooming techniques. While many of these dogs are highly resistant to grooming, others may not. Depending on the breed, these dogs can be trained to be brushed, clipped, or simply pluck their fur. Here are some tips for grooming terrier mix dogs.

Poodle: For dogs with curly hair, this haircut style is ideal. This style, which is not exclusive to the Poodle breed, keeps fur short along the body and leaves more on the head and neck. It helps keep curls bouncy and manageable but requires more upkeep than other Poodle cuts. The poodle haircut does require more grooming and maintenance than other styles, so it may not be the best option for your dog.

Short hair: You should comb your dog’s hair using a fine-tooth comb once a week.

Brushing too often will result in a puffy coat. During this time, you should also hand strip the hair, removing any dead hair and loose hair with your fingers. For long-haired terriers, you can clip off the hair at least once every three weeks and wash it every two months or so.

Poodle-terrier mixes: Another mixed breed is the terrier-poodle. These hybrid dogs are typically black and grey, with curly or wavy hair. Poodles are among the most intelligent and skilled breeds, so it’s not surprising that poodle-terrier mix dogs can also have distinctive haircuts. Some owners choose to adopt signature haircuts for their dogs. For a look that’s stylish and fun, consider a poodle-terrier mix.

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