terrier construction

Terrier Construction

Important Aspects of Terrier Construction

Terrier construction is an important aspect of dog design. Not only do they have a sturdy frame, but they also have a distinct appearance. A good example is the Border Terrier, a dog that is ideal for trailing a horse, going to the ground, and being a companion. The breed is known for its work and has a distinct rib cage shape that makes them good working dogs. Here are some of the most important aspects of terrier construction.

Historically, the Scottish Terrier originated in Scotland. In the Moor of Rannoch and Blackmount region of Perthshire, the Scottish Terrier was bred by a group of men who were not too particular about their appearance. As a result, the Scottish Terrier developed as a working dog. Men kept this type for its hardy build, which made it ideal for the Scottish countryside. It was also the first breed of terrier to be used in the United States.

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