Staffordshire Terrier Club

Staffordshire Terrier Club

How to Find a Staffordshire Terrier For Sale

If you’re looking for a dog club that caters to the needs of Amstaff owners, the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria may be a great choice. Founded in 2001, the ASTCV has grown to be one of Australia’s most active and successful Amstaff organizations. The founding members of the ASTCV include Don Campbell, who served as its first President for almost 10 years and was awarded Life Membership in 2012. Don is arguably the longest-active breeder in the state. Other founding members include Ainslee Bernoth, Vanessa Long, Kerry Macklin, Linda Campbell, and Leigh Jenkins.

The AKC and UKC both have their standards for the breed. Some early breeders registered Staffordshire Terriers under both organizations, including the AKC and UKC. Some, however, chose not to register their dogs under either organization. In 2006, the AKC accepted the Staffordshire Terrier, and the dog was officially recognized. Since then, the AKC and UKC have been affiliated and the breed has a recognized club.

If you have kids, you should avoid the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This breed is rambunctious and can accidentally knock small children over. You should also never leave your dog alone with children. Besides, if you are timid around other dogs, you should avoid Staffordshire. As a result, it is advisable to socialize the puppy early. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the dog to the park, it is better to leave it at home with someone confident.

AKC-registered breeders are listed in the AKC’s online directory.

You can also find breeders in your area via the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America. If you cannot find a puppy for sale from a breeder, you can contact an American Staffordshire Terrier Rescue in your area. You should also consider A & S Rescue, a foster-based rescue in Pensacola, Florida. There, adopters can explain the requirements of the new owners.

The AKC national breed club recommends that breeding dogs have certain health tests before joining a kennel. These tests include a cardiac exam, and thyroid and NCL DNA tests. Additionally, breeders should offer references from previous buyers so that you can make sure to choose the right breeder for your new dog. A good breeder will provide you with health guarantees and answer any questions you may have after the sale.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an outstanding multipurpose dog. It excels in obedience, agility, and weight-pulling competitions. You can’t go wrong with an Amstaff! The breed has been around for centuries, originating from bull and terrier mixes. In early America, the Amstaff was vital to the settlement of the country. It’s a family-friendly dog with powerful fighting skills.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a stocky, muscular dog.

The head is broad, with defined cheekbones and a large, wide-set face. It shares many traits with the American Pit Bull Terrier, including a stocky build and athletic physique. The American Staffordshire Terrier typically lives from 12 to 16 years. With proper care, the American Staffordshire Terrier can live up to 16 years.

This breed is an excellent choice for people who are looking for an ideal family dog. Unlike many other terrier breeds, this dog is relatively gentle with children and is very good with children. However, the American Staffordshire Terrier can be feisty and aggressive at times, but with the proper training, these problems can be alleviated. They are great companions and excellent with children. A little bit of training will help them become good family dogs.

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