Scottish Terrier Club of America

Scottish Terrier Club of America

The Scottish Terrier Club of America

The Scottish Terrier Club of America is the parent organization of the breed and official guardian of the breed. It administers many programs for the breed, including a health trust fund, national rescue program, and document database. It also hosts regional specialty dog shows and publishes a quarterly magazine, Bagpiper. The publication is full of Scottish Terrier news and information. The club is an excellent resource for the health and welfare of these wonderful dogs.

The Scottish Terrier is a highly intelligent and serious breed. Their hunting instincts were bred for their ability to hunt vermin. They would dig their prey out of burrows, and were, therefore, the first breed of dog to hunt badgers. Today, Scottish Terriers are highly prized in earth dog trials and are ranked among the top breeds in the U.S. according to the American Kennel Club.

The Scottish Terrier Club of America has a strong commitment to health research. For example, the club supports research for bladder cancer, a condition that affects other breeds. To combat this condition, the Scottie Club is conducting studies with 20 dogs. The blood samples collected from these dogs are donated to the National Institutes of Health, which has helped identify the genes responsible for bladder cancer. While this study is ongoing, many Scotties are already benefiting from this research.

The Scottish Terrier Club of America offers education opportunities to breed judges.

Throughout the United States, the club organizes seminars and educational forms for breed judges and interested individuals. At these seminars, breeders, exhibitors, and those seeking judging approval are encouraged to attend. They will receive more information about Scottish Terrier care than they would otherwise. This club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and raising healthy and happy dogs.

The Scottish Terrier Club also promotes purebred Scottish Terriers. Through this organization, the breed’s natural high qualities can be developed. The club fosters good sportsmanship among its members and sponsors specialty dog shows sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. And if you’re a dog enthusiast, you should join the Scottish Terrier Club! It’s an invaluable resource for dog lovers of all ages.

In addition to providing valuable information for the owner, the club also publishes educational materials for dog owners.

Books for Scottish Terriers include Betty Penn-Bull’s Kennelgarth Scottish Terrier Book and T. Allen Kirk, Jr., MD. The Official Book of the Scottish Terrier published by TFH Publications in 1994 is a great resource for Scottish Terriers. These books are filled with informative articles. And you can purchase guides on grooming, training, and more.

In addition to promoting awareness about these breeds’ health and welfare, the Scottish Terrier Club of America also publishes a short health statement. Listed health problems include von Willebrand’s disease, which affects clotting, craniomandibular osteopathy, and patellar luxation, which causes a loose kneecap. Another common affliction, known as “Scottie cramp,” occurs when a dog experiences high levels of excitement. It can also occur during physical activity.

Aside from being an excellent pet, the Scottish terrier has enjoyed an iconic role in American culture. They were featured in the popular 1955 Disney film Lady and the Tramp as “Jock.” And they have continued to enjoy a long-standing place in the entertainment industry, as well. They are the second most successful dog in the Westminster Dog Show, having won the Best in Show award eight times.

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