Royal Caribbean Terrier

Royal Caribbean Terrier

The Royal Caribbean Terrier – Tammy McLaughlin

Tammy Browne, a founding member of the MBAH, has dedicated her life to raising awareness of stray animals in Jamaica, and has even given the rascally breed a new name – “the Royal Caribbean Terrier”. She was a child animal lover and had first encountered the dog while returning home from England. She had come across a dog on the ground with a broken back, and she immediately recognized it as a Royal Caribbean Terrier.

Dogs are not especially popular in Jamaica, but the wealthy have taken to keeping miniature pure breeds as a status symbol. Dogs are generally kept outside and are used as an early warning system. In Jamaica, the murder rate is high, so many people choose to keep their dogs outside. However, the dog’s alarmist nature has caused some Jamaicans to fear the breed. The dog barks and snaps at people who come too close, and if the dog senses any threat, it will run away from the area.

Because of the pandemic, the funding for animal rescue in Jamaica has dropped considerably.

The operating expenses of the animal shelter are about $12,000 USD per month. The shelter has relied on donations for most of its funding until the past eight months. Despite the difficulties faced by the shelter, Browne has continued to make a positive impact on the lives of many dogs in Jamaica. The adoption center is now collaborating with Save Our Scruff and Montego Bay Animal Haven to get them to Canada.

After the pandemic hit Jamaica hard, Tammy McLaughlin began her own charity to save the dogs. Soon, she had 50 dogs in her house and about 150 in the vicinity. Luckily, her efforts paid off as 150 Jamaican dogs will now move to a safe country with a loving families. And with the help of the worldwide community, Jamaica’s dogs will live the luxuries of a new life with a happy, healthy life.

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