rat terrier squirrel hunting

Rat Terrier Squirrel Hunting

Rat Terrier Squirrel Hunting

If you want to introduce your new pet to squirrel hunting, consider the Rat Terrier. This breed has an excellent prey drive and loves to chase small creatures. As long as you train your new pet properly, he will be a great addition to any squirrel-hunting family. Here are some tips to get you started. This is a great way to bond with your new puppy, and train it to hunt squirrels successfully!

A cur dog is known to be intelligent and loyal. They also tend to be very feisty. You can expect the breed to bond with you over time. Several different types of cur dogs are available for squirrel hunting. If you’re not interested in a squirrel dog, a first might be a better choice for you. There are many varieties, including the treeing Tennessee brindle and the Kemmer cur.

Rat Terriers are excellent hunters and great family pets. They were developed to hunt mice, rats, and squirrels in the early eighteenth century. Early on, farmers didn’t care about purebreds. Instead, they bred a large mixture of terriers, including non-terriers, so they could produce the best-hunting dogs possible. They’re now more popular than ever.

A Rat Terrier is a great choice for squirrel hunting.

They are incredibly energetic and capable of tracking small games. Because of their athletic physique, they can negotiate the fast turns of their prey. Their alert eyes and nose allow them to quickly locate their prey. They can also dig underground to flush out the small game. And, of course, they’re adorable and fun companions, too! And if you don’t like squirrels, consider a different breed of dog.

If you’re in the west, you should look for an arboreal squirrel population. These are often introduced species, and the western Rat Terriers are well adapted to flush upland game birds and deer. They also serve as excellent varmint dogs. However, the eastern and southern Rat Terriers have a more traditional hunting purpose. In the East, however, the breeds developed mainly for jumping and tree-based hunting.

A reputable Rat Terrier breeder will have a proven hunting line. Several breeders, including Jim Johnson of Sycamore Flats, Dean Dickison of Amazing Rat Terriers, and Tim Brown, of Sycamore Flats, have a reputable hunting line. The dogs are descendants of the famous Decker kennel and are well known for their hunting ability. Regardless of whether you choose a male or a female Rat Terrier, the breed will serve you well.

Training your Rat Terrier for hunting requires a little bit of training and 50% ability. Positive reinforcement is essential to training an alert rat dog. You need to familiarize him with specific types of prey and train him to spot their scent trails and chase them down. The process can take a while but it is well worth it. And, remember, squirrel hunting is only permitted in the Eastern US for meat. There is a legitimate season for hunting squirrels for meat, but the animals can also be nuisances in your backyard.

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