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Die Antwoord Pitbull Terrier

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The video for “Pitbull Terrier” by Die Antwoord is out today. The band’s latest single from their self-released DONKER MAG album is a funny, if not a bit controversial, track. The song features a Ninja dressed up as a vicious dog. Despite being a satirical song about the animal, the video is still a fun watch.

The music video for Die Antwoord’s “Pitbull Terrier” is disturbing in its own right. The music video, directed by Ninja, features disturbing and gory scenes. It has already surpassed one million hits and is the second cut from the upcoming album. The visuals are also an interesting metaphor for mankind’s animal side. The animal side is often led by our baser instincts and must be subdued through hypnosis and symbols.

A music video for “Pitbull Terrier” is also disturbing. The band’s frontman Ninja wears pit bull-like makeup, attacking two female dancers dressed up as cats. The violent video’s track is a rap battle, and Ninja’s appearance recalls other conventionally unattractive Lothario figures in hip hop history. The video satirizes the grotesque ways of the man-dog.

Die Antwoord have a music video for “Pitbull Terrier.”

The video shows the frontman Ninja in a grotesque pit bull costume. The music video follows the man-dog as he attacks two women in cat costumes. Yolandi Visser is one of the women who try to fend off the man-dog. The video ends with one member hocking a loogie into the mouth of another.

The band’s song, “Pitbull Terrier,” is a controversial song that’s received worldwide attention. The video features a pit bull terrier. The band’s song lyrics are often performed in both English and Afrikaans. The lyric’s visuals are a tribute to the music that inspires their fans. The band’s videos are dark and disturbing, but the underlying message is a plea for a humane attitude.

Die Antwoord’s music is sung in Zef. In Afrikaans, “zef” roughly translates to “common” and refers to the lower-middle-class counterculture of South Africa. This term is often associated with sexy clothes and a pit bulldog. The video is available in two different languages, English and Afrikaans. They have also announced their appearance at the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

The band’s video is disturbing and satirical, with the pitbull man, Ninja, being led around by a kid with devil horns.

He kills an asshole on his cell phone and chases two women dressed as cats. A woman clad in chaos magick style sigils covers the body of the pitbull, hypnotizing the dog to do evil.

The rappers have become popular for their violent music videos. Their latest video features a pit bull terrier named Ninja. The band is best known for their video’s lyrics, which are based on the story of a pit bull terrier. They have a unique style of hip-hop. And their lyrics are also catchy and edgy. The singers’ music videos have a viral appeal.

The South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord has become a household name in the world of hip-hop. Their rap videos have a cult following and have a surprisingly large fan base. The gang’s new video is one of the most popular music videos of all time. It has become a sensation, and it has become a hit in many countries.

The video stars a pitbull named Ninja who chases a “pussy” around the city. The video’s narrative revolves around this rabid dog, who is possessed by the evil Yolandi, a man with satanic face paint. The pit bull terrier is a part of the lower man, the id.


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