Dabbing Boston Terrier

Dabbing Boston Terrier

Dabbing Boston Terrier Coffee Mug

If you own a brown Boston Terrier, this color-changing coffee mug is a perfect choice. Just add hot water and watch the mug’s color change from solid black to dabbing brown! It’s made from ceramic porcelain and features a dabbing brown design. It holds 11 oz. of hot water and is approximately three-quarters of an inch tall. This item is custom-made to order and may take up to 15 days to ship.

The Boston Terrier is a good choice if you’re looking for a companion that will entertain you. These dogs are highly active and enjoy playing with children. They’re also docile and good company for older people. Adaptable and playful, they make excellent pets for city living. Because they’re brachycephalic (short upper jaw, flat, broad nose), Boston Terriers are susceptible to overheating during warm weather. Their short coat also makes them less tolerant of cold weather.

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