Bull Terrier Austin

Love A Bull Terrier Austin The American Pit Bull Terrier Meetup Group in Austin Texas started as a way to promote social interactions and community building among dog owners. As the group grew, so did the need for change. This group eventually became LOVE-A-BULL, Inc. in 2008, achieving 501(c)(3) status. The Austin American Pit Bull…… Continue reading Bull Terrier Austin

Furry Bull Terrier

Furry Bull Terrier Puppies For Sale A furry bullterrier’s short, flat coat sheds seasonally, so it is recommended to brush your dog’s coat weekly. You should also check and clean your dog’s signature ears, which are often a source of discomfort. Unlike other breeds, your furry bull terrier doesn’t need frequent baths. Just give him…… Continue reading Furry Bull Terrier

Diesel Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tips For Getting a Diesel Staffordshire Bull Terrier For Sale There is a bad reputation for staffies, but that does not mean that they’re prone to be involved in car accidents. Andrea posted this Christmas decoration on the Facebook page for a Staffordshire bull terrier club. Her dog, Boycie, died of a heart tumor. When…… Continue reading Diesel Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Doxen Terrier

Dozen Terrier For Sale The Doxie pin is one of the most popular dog breeds. This small, round-faced dog has a curious and caring personality but lacks some social skills. Some people consider Doxie pins shy, but they do have their moments. They are naturally inquisitive and love to play, but they’re also great lapdogs…… Continue reading Doxen Terrier

English Bull Terrier Clock

English Bull Terrier Clock If you love dogs and are looking for a great clock, consider an English Bull terrier clock. This clock is both free-standing and wall-mounted and features the traditional figure of this dog. Made of durable vinyl plastic, the clock is a great accent piece for your home. You can even use…… Continue reading English Bull Terrier Clock

English Bull Terrier Cute

English Bull Terrier Cute You’ve probably seen pictures of adorable Bull Terriers, but what makes them so adorable? What is their favorite thing to do? How about their adorable faces? The English Bull Terrier is an extremely cute dog. Here are 23 adorable pictures of the breed. You’ll wonder if they’re real, or if they’re…… Continue reading English Bull Terrier Cute

English Bull Terrier Cross Staffy For Sale

English Bull Terrier Cross Staffy For Sale If you are looking for an English Bull Terrier cross Staffy for sale, you are certainly not alone! Thousands of people across the world are looking for these adorable dogs to join their families, and you can be among them! But how do you choose the right English…… Continue reading English Bull Terrier Cross Staffy For Sale