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Bull Terrier Plush

Bull Terrier Plush

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If you’re a fan of the English Bull Terrier breed, you can now get a dog Bull Terrier Plush pillow! The large pillows can be used as a neck pillow, backrest, or laptop pad, and are made of soft plush fabric. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, these pillows will brighten up any child’s room or den! There’s no need to be worried about plastic eyes or tiny plastic parts because these pillows are completely non-toxic.

Meet Bull Terrier ABBY & Baby is a handcrafted dog plush stuffed with wool. This stuffed animal is 42 cm long and 33 inches high and comes with five cotter pins. It’s filled with sawdust from fruit trees and synthetic fluff. It also has a realistic-looking eye and a collar and comes with a sleep pillow so you can sleep with him while he’s sleeping.

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