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Boston Terrier Necklace

Boston Terrier Necklace

How to Adopt a Boston Terrier Necklace

A stunning piece of Boston Terrier jewelry will turn any outfit into a must-have! This necklace is handcrafted from solid sterling silver with an intricacy of detail that will make anyone’s favorite terrier smile! It is available in a pendant style or a charming design, with a coordinating round bead. Perfect for a dog lover, this piece is an excellent gift for yourself or a special someone!

Designed in Britain, this sterling silver pendant is perfect for a true Boston Terrier fanatic! This lovable breed is known for its large, expressive eyes, attentive cocked head, and snorts that are simply adorable. This piece of jewelry features an engraved image of the Boston Terrier on a round disc measuring 15mm in diameter and a thickness of 1mm. A sterling silver chain is included to create the perfect Boston terrier necklace!

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