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Border Terrier Shed

Border Terrier Shed

How to Adopt a Border Terrier

This breed of dog sheds only once a year, so you can easily ignore it. Border terriers have been around since 1869 when they were used by border foxhounds as hunting ters. This makes them one of the low-shedders among the dog breeds. Although the coat of a Border Terrier is not extremely thick or dense, it is also weather and dirt-resistant. Border Terriers shed less than other breeds of dog, including the Labrador, Siberian Husky, and Golden Retriever. This makes them a great choice for those who have allergies since their coats do not cause any flare-ups.

Although Border Terriers don’t tend to develop separation anxiety, it’s still a good idea to keep them indoors for most of the day. Although they can survive without human companionship, they require regular exercise to maintain their health and mental well-being. The exercise needed by a Border Terrier is vigorous but can be done in an apartment. While Border Collies do not need a large space to exercise, they do need to be regularly supervised.

Border terriers shed mainly during the shedding season.

This period lasts between two to three weeks, but you can help reduce the amount of shedding by giving your dog the proper diet and brushing them regularly. The only time when they shed excessively is when they are infected with fleas or other parasites. A shedding Border Terrier will leave a lot of fur around your home, so be prepared to clean it up regularly.

While they are intelligent, adorable, and lovable, Border Terriers are also hard workers. They are good at agility and games, and they adapt well to their environment. Although they love human companionship, they’re not the type of dogs to cling to you. They prefer working alone and are less attached to you than other comparable breeds. But the best thing about this breed of dog is that they make excellent family pets.

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